7 Best Swing Trading Stocks to Buy Now

So, if you’re the trader that likes to “go against the crowd”, then this trading strategy is for you. A technical momentum indicator, such as George Lanes Stochastic indicator can confirm that support should be anticipated. The study is normalized between 0 and 100 with a Stochastic value of less than 20 indicating an oversold position in a stock. This is an exciting place to look for a buying opportunity.

Is swing trading better than investing?

Active risk management

Swing trading can be said to be less risky than long-term investing, here is why. In swing trading, you make use of a small stop loss to limit your downside risk, while in long-term investing, you either don't use a stop loss at all or use a very large stop loss.

If the MACD line crosses below the signal line a bearish trend is likely, suggesting a sell trade. A stock swing trader would then wait for the two lines to cross again, creating a signal for a trade in the opposite direction, before they exit the trade. The estimated timeframe for this stock swing trade is approximately one week. Picking stocks for swing trading will involve a mixture of fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Fundamentally, you want stocks to exhibit certain traits based on the position you are taking.

Part-Time Trading

The Stop portion gets me in as the price is moving in the direction I want, and the Limit portion of the order controls the price I pay. If you are interested in swing trading and want guidance, check out the Complete Method Stock Swing Trading Course. As mentioned at the top, how you swing trade these is up to you. Here is a sampling of the stocks on the list at the time of publication . Here’s a sampling of the stocks on the list at the time of publication .

swing trade stocks today

The main difference is the frequency at which trades are made. Both trading styles can net you gains, but they depend on the amount of capital available, how much time you have, your trading psychology, and the market you’re trading. Rather than trying to make any profit on small movements in the market over time, a swing trader takes advantage of large swings that happen every now and then. A swing trader compares to a day trader in the sense that they take advantage of movements in securities, though over different time frames. You can use this paid swing trading alerts service to take advantage of short-term movements in the market. Each recommendation comes with an ideal price target and expected timeline for executing each trade—requirements for an effective swing trading alert service.

Here are 3 ways you can get fresh, actionable alerts every single day. Scanz is a powerful stock trading software platform and is one of the best options on this list. Consider starting https://forexbroker-listing.com/ a free trial to see how effective the service can be for capturing alpha in your portfolio. Seeking Alpha’s Premium subscriptions provide access to the service’s Stock Quant Ratings.


The easier money tends to be in shorting stocks that are already weak, break lower, and drop hard for a few days. Most of these stocks are in longer-term downtrends than what is shown day trading stop loss strategy on the 3-month charts above. When choosing a stock to swing trade, it’s helpful to find relatively calm stocks, meaning they don’t exhibit excessive price moves called volatility.

The objective of the Swing Trading style is to earn from any potential price movement or possible swing in the market. Profit on each trade is substantially smaller as the holding period is smaller. But these small profits can add up to a good overall return. There are a variety of methodologies to capitalize on market swings. Some traders prefer to trade after the market has confirmed a change of direction and trade with the developing momentum. Swing traders should select their candidates from the most actively traded stocks and ETFs that show a tendency to swing within broad, well-defined channels.

Best Swing Trade Alerts Services

Or you can filter for higher liquidity, which would mean increasing the volume criteria. With 2M we have 61 names that are crossing back above the 20 moving average to show us bullish strength. There is more than one way to find good names to swing trade using the screener! You can find weak, beaten-down names that have the potential to come back. If the market is strong, you can wait for the channel line to be hit.

Look for high volume and volatility, and a share price that seems to be oscillating periodically and predictably. Find an online broker with low spreads and a wide variety of global markets to trade. Open up an account in minutes and deposit your initial investment. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage.

Analyze Any Stock Free!

It’s helpful to follow these stocks and make paper trades before moving to live trades with real money. You don’t need a $25,000 account balance to swing trade, but you’ll likely need a margin account if you want to sell short or swing trade with options. And since the best swing trading stocks are often thinly-traded small caps with only a handful of shares available, make sure your broker has a wide assortment of stocks to trade.

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Lower Time Commitment – Compared to day trading, swing trading demands a reduced time commitment. Because they primarily utilise technical analysis, swing traders are only required to watch their charts on daily or 4-hour timeframes. They do not need to watch their charts all day or monitor price action on smaller chart timeframes.

How Do I Create a Stock Watch List?

The Relative Strength Index is a momentum indicator that measures the magnitude of recent price changes to analyze overbought or oversold conditions. The offers that appear in this table are from think markets fees partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where listings appear. Investopedia does not include all offers available in the marketplace.

Best swing trade stocks to buy in 2022

Free swing trade stock watch lists are posted several times per week with a hand-picked watchlist of the best potential breakout stocks. They are how to convert eth to eur a mix of large-cap stocks ranging from $20-$300, high volume, and reputable companies. They are available to trade with either stocks or options.

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